The 1st Annual Daughters of the King Gathering- Oahu, Hawaii

Praise Report Ministries partners with The Royal Hawaiian to present The Daughters of King Gathering!

     The Lord God Almighty, Jehovah, has called for His daughters, His Princesses, to gather before Him in paradise on the Island of Oahu, which is translated as "The Gathering Place" in Hawaiian. 

     In accordance with that which has been prophesied by the prophet Jeremiah in chapter 9, verses 17-18, where the Lord commands: "Call for the wailing women to come; send for the most skillful of them. Let them come quickly and wail over us till our eyes overflow with tears and water streams from our eyelids." 

     The 2019 Daughters of the King Gathering will be a three day, supernatural gathering of the Lord's daughters (and sons) from ALL OVER THE WORLD!

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~  3 Day Event

~  2 Tropical Brunches

~  Royal Banquet Dinner

~  4th Watch Gathering at the Beach

~  Royal Resort Amenities

~  Discounted Luxury Room Rates

~  Gospel Concert

~  International Speakers Gathering from countries around the world

And more...


Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (Aka Honolulu International Airport) 

300 Rodgers Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96819

 Airport Code: HNL


The Royal Hawaiian 

2259 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815

Room Reservations:  808.921.4621

Discounted room rate: $283

Approximate taxes: 14.7%

Discounted amenities resort fee (per night): $15.71

Room options: King or doubles as available


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Aloha, our beloved Kingdom Saints! 

Praise Report Ministries, in partnership with The Royal Hawai’ian and The 4th Watch inspirational television broadcast presents Oahu’s 1st annual, Daughters of the King gathering, sponsored by Olelo Community Media.

The Daughters of the King gathering will bring together over 500 women (including influential leaders) from around the world for three days of prayer, worship, intercession, and outreach for the purpose taking a UNITED global stand, as Kingdom Saints representing the Hawai’ian Islands, to end physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual abuses; suicide; sex trafficking and human slave trading; illegal drug infiltration; the shedding of innocent blood; domestic violence; mental degradations; hunger; homelessness; and poverty. These, and other atrocities, afflictions and oppressions have seeded themselves into our communities and have compromised the well-being of a very precious, very vital, AND VERY POWERFUL population in our society: THE WOMEN THAT WEAR THE PROPHESIED OVERCOMER’S CROWN (The Book of Revelation, Chapter 2, Verses: 7, 17, and 26) 

In accordance with biblical scripture found in the Book of Jeremiah, Chapter 9, Verses 12-24, we believe these women are here in Hawai’I and/or being called to the Island of Oahu (The Gathering Place) in power and in number to perform their biblically ordained task of BRINGING SATAN’S KINGDOM DOWN!

We at Praise Report Ministries believe in the power of prayer and believe that, UNITED IN THE SPIRIT OF ALOHA, we can make a global impact at this event that will empower all the attendees to take something back to their individual communities that will exemplify the truth that LOVE can and will destroy evil if only someone will stand up for righteousness, believe, have faith in God, and show true loving-kindness toward our fellow man.

The Daughters of the King event will provide a televised platform for artists, businesses, ministries, as well as, community and national leaders to address these issues and offer help services to both attendees and the event’s viewing audiences. It will also provide an opportunity for spiritual upliftment and hope for the afflicted. We believe this event will be world changing, and therefore, seek your financial support and corporate and/or ministerial presence (either physical or by providing some signage indicating you stand united with us as OHANA) to make this event 100% successful.

This event will be televised worldwide to over 30 million viewers, the event’s sponsors will be globally recognized as Kingdom Saints/businesses/concerned members of the world’s state of affairs whom support this year’s mission of the Daughters of the King gathering, which is to come together for the purpose of ending the illegal, unjust, abusive, violent, life-threatening crimes against women, children, families, and humanity as mentioned above. 

For these reasons, we ask for you love, support and presence.


The Daughters of the King Gathering

Dates: May 15 – 17, 2019


The Royal Hawai’ian (Coconut Grove – Waikiki)

2259 Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu, Hawai’i 96815


Apostle Asia LaVonne

Televangelist and Host of The 4th Watch with Apostle Asia LaVonne (Airs Sundays and Thursdays – Olelo Channel 55)

Email: info@praisereportministries.org  Mobile: 808.773.0808

Assistant Event Coordinator: Mrs. Salita Storey Email: salita@praisereportministries.org


Via Mail:  Praise Report Ministries c/o Asia LaVonne

111 Hekili Street, Suite A412

Kailua, Hawai’I 96734

Via Online:  www.praisereportministries.org/giving


Sponsors, please email your company/organizational logo and website link to: info@praisereportministries.org so that we may add you to the Daughters of the King “supporters & sponsors” webpage and incorporate your sponsorship logos in the accompanying media promotions (launching on or about March 8, 2019). Also, please make sure to email the ministry to coordinate the placement of your company’s/organization’s banners or signage at the event.


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Striving to Exemplify the True Spirit of Aloha and Kingdom Righteousness in the Earth

Thus says the Lord of hosts,

“Consider and call for the mourning women to come;
Send for the wailing women to come.
Let them hurry and take up a wailing for us,…” ~ Verse 17 excerpt from The Book of Jeremiah, Chapter 9.

Keynote Ministers, Guests & Gospel Artists

Apostle Asia LaVonne

Daughters of the King Event Host

Televangelist (The 4th Watch with Apostle Asia LaVonne) Hawaii's OLELO Channel 55 and The NOW Network

Caretaker of Praise Report Ministries, Inc.

CEO of JREAMWRITER Entertainment Global

President of The Jreamwriter Young Global Citizens Program, Inc. 

Keynote Ministers & Speakers

Apostle Asia LaVonne

Ministry:  Praise Report Ministries & The 4th Watch

Apostle and Psalmist Victoria Lockhart 

Ministry: Club Christ Ministries

Apostle Tarita Tehotu

Ministry:  Hebrew/Hawaiian Teacher

Pastor/Gospel Artist Terry Cummings 

Ministry: Hope Ministries International 

Former NBA Player (Atlanta)

Gospel Artist Vicki Yohe

Ministry: Psalmist 

Crystal McLeod

Keynote/Guest Speaker

Message: Natural Disruptors (Washington D.C./Virginia) 

Apostle Sherrie Ezzell

Ministry: Ground Breakers Regional Apostolic Center

Pastors Efrain & Carol Saltarez

Ministry: Unlimited Faith & Favor (Atlanta)

Apostle Grace Cruz

Ministry: Grace Cruz Apostolic Ministries (Hawaii)

Pastor & Minister of Music, Jay Iranon

Ministry: Keys to His Heart  (Hawaii)

......And more!


Event Sponsors & Collaborators

Praise Report Ministries, Inc.

The Royal Hawaiian

Hawaiian Airlines (pending/requested)

Olelo Community Media (Hawaii)

Lindsey (Bell-Carter Foods) pending

North Shore Macadamia Nuts & Coffee (Hawaii)

ABBA Holy Oils (pending)

The 4th Watch TV Broadcast 

True Storey Enterprise

Jreamwriter Entertainment Global

Grace Cruz Ministries